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Rational, savvy guidance for the visionary mind who has something important and beneficial to say to or share with the world, as well as the hard skills required to manifest those visions into reality.

I specialize in communication strategy, content development, production, branding, publishing, and marketing campaigns for voices in the new paradigm expressions of emotional intelligence, mindful business, meditation, peaceful conflict resolution, conscious activism, spirituality, the arts and creativity, and much more.

Volunteering with Marianne Williamson.

My two decades of experience has included the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Gaiam/Spiritual Cinema Circle, Sounds True, Divine Arts Media, and many other quality freelance clients and volunteer projects.

Not only do I enjoy working with seasoned teachers and change agents, I particularly feel called to support up-and-coming talent. I invite you to leverage my front-line experience of knowing what it takes to succeed, as well as being able to anticipate many costly pitfalls. After all, if you’re going to invest in yourself, you’ll want to make it count.

Based out of Ojai, CA, 90 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, I travel as needed for projects. I also meet regularly with clients throughout the world on Skype. I have access to some of the best media production and marketing resources available, and I’m able to meet the scope of ANY project you have in mind.


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Immanuel has been instrumental in my publishing career and has role modeled how to be in this industry with integrity!

Lisa Wimberger

Author, “Neurosculpting” and “New Beliefs, New Brain”; Founder, The Neurosculpting Institute

I will always be grateful to Immanuel for his major role in bringing my book to publication and for his steady encouragement and sage advice.

Rivvy Neshama

Author of award-winning “Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles”,

Immanuel has supported me at several major turning points in my career as a professional author. He was the senior editor for the award-winning book, “A Heart Blown Open” — just optioned for cinematic production — and also offered a great deal of wisdom and personal time in helping me to bring that memoir to life. When a major spiritual teacher and author in his own right approached me to help co-write another book, Immanuel helped me to get clear on what kind of deal would make the most sense. He walked me through the ins-and-outs of this delicate process with knowledge and skill. In short, when a major opportunity in my career approaches, I know I can rely on Immanuel for advice, deep industry knowledge, help with contracts and percentages, warnings around likely traps, and where I might find the best opportunities to seize. He has been a guide and a friend on my path.

Keith Martin Smith

Author, “A Heart Blown Open” and “The Heart of Zen”,

I have worked with Immanuel on several tech projects since early 2013. He is one hidden gem and a perfectionist in his work. I love his attitude… when things were messed up, he would roll up his sleeves and instead of playing blame games he would work as a team leader and find a solution together. It’s been an honor working with him.

Shoaib Haider

Senior Web Architect & Developer

Immanuel is a great all-around marketeer. He is one of the few people around who combines graphic intelligence with marketing strategy and technical know-how. A worthy combo!

Christopher Van Buren

Founder/CEO, Van Buren Publishing

Lots of love to Immanuel for catching the wave of Sacred Commerce and for grabbing hold of the baton with dedication and leadership! He has been pivotal in the production of the new edition of the book — and the accompanying training program. We thank him for his belief in us and for his focus and excellent work.

Ayman Sawaf & Rowan Gabrielle

Teachers & Authors, Sacred Commerce

Any good business relationship begins with resonance and trust. From our first conversation, I felt so seen and understood, that I knew Immanuel could take my platform and innovate as if through my eyes but with all his technical proficiency and skill sets. He continually went beyond my expectations and furthered my work and concept more than I had a scope for ~ he brought forth true creative insight and always found the balance between knowing what would appeal to the market through design and overall content, and still present all my intricacies and big vision. His execution was exacting, and he was patient with me. I started out hiring Immanuel to build my online platform, but what I truly received was a coach and an amazing mirror to help me refine and inspire my deeper purpose and share it from a more authentic empowered place.


Founder, The Phoenix Code

Immanuel is an evocative voice promoting many of the luminaries leading the charge for a more progressive humanity. His unwavering dedication to crisp thinking and clarity in execution, whether in book, online, or visual media forms is outmatched only by his winning smile and can-do attitude. I look forward to working with Immanuel any time I can.

Marc Baraka Strauch

Executive Leader & Consultant, Specialized Business Consulting, Marketing and Communications

I was in the process of launching my new coaching platform and pretty overwhelmed with the technology and tools required to make things happen effectively. Immanuel coached me in understanding the sequence and steps to create a successful and engaging launch, in a way that was easy for me to integrate. In a short period of time, Immanuel was able to enhance my copywriting into something that was more digestible for my audience, without losing the authenticity of my voice. He has a gift with shaping the language of consciousness from concepts that can be over people’s heads and new-agey fluff, to making it seem grounded and applicable in the real world. He has a gift for seeing the bigger vision and how all the working pieces fit into that.

Soma Miller

Men's Empowerment Coach, The Essential Man

I worked with Immanuel on the Sacred Commerce project as the book designer, as well as working with him for other publishers, and it has always been a pleasure in so many ways—well-organized, careful, thorough, highly literate, sensitive and flexible, cognizant of the myriad details of publishing, as well as his ability to interact with authors, publishers and other professionals in a way that invites participation, creativity, and mutual goals. In short, the ideal team player as well as visionary project manager. In fact, one that exemplifies the kind of ethos that is described in “Sacred Commerce” itself. He thinks deeply about life and brings that depth to the table when working on projects and choosing the people involved.

William Morosi

Musician & Designer